Friday, June 30, 2017

Kid play in the beginning of June

The start of summer...time for hanging out more, reading, playing outside, VBS and traveling for mom and dad (more of that to come later).
We managed to squeeze in one co-op Hughes cousin days.
Our neighbor often comes over to play....sometime I wonder what he thinks about all the girliness that is in our home.  The girls requested this picture while they were performing their ballet.

We attended Storyfest at the State Museum again this year!
Face printing for the win.

So glad we got Grammy to come along with us!
They had some crafts set up but, for the most part, the kids weren't interested in it.
However, they did seem to enjoy the awesome story time.  Zo and Ezra joined in going up to the front to sing.
I didn't realize it, but we were able to explore the museum afterwords.
It had been a couple of years since we have been so we all had a great time!
Ezra was obsessed with watching the model trains and we had to return to that section/floor more than once.
We even got to see the case you were wondering it just looked like a red circle.
I had no idea that there was a kid play area that the littles had a blast at.  Shiloh was in her element getting to try on clothes and put on a show!
They even provided a healthy snack for us which we gobbled up on the way out!
Shiloh always comes up with something crazy....this time, "Mommy take a picture of me, I'm a cloud!"
We always enjoy the events at our local library and this year's summer kick off party was no different!
Ezra was so excited he couldn't close his mouth.
The girls were thrilled to be able to climb as there were no weight limits!
Bounce house fun!
Building a better world!
Shiloh always likes to try to eat things!
Old lady poses!
Thankful for our local library!
Our good friend's birthday party and even the cousins were invited...
Happy Birthday Lauryn....wished we had captured a picture with ya!
We headed out to "Touch a Truck" on another I knew it would be right up Ezra's alley....
Being on the blacktop parking lot = cooking zone and soon became so hot!
When we first got there Zoe asked where the girl trucks were.  When I questioned her further she explained, "You know, like carriages and stuff."  That is my girly girl alright.
However, we managed to have a good time, hot but good.
Ezra's sensitive heart still has a hard time handling some "scary" parts in movies.  However, he easily receives comfort from his ready sisters.
Sometimes he will reprimand the characters, as if that could help.
The end of the month was book capped with the most famous trip to California for Beach and me.  Seeing that there was so much to see, many post will be needed for that!

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