Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wine Country (Cali Day 3)

My third day of solo traveling (day 1 here, day 2 here) and I was headed to wine country!  I found a fun sounding tour on the airb&b experience site that seemed like a good fit for me, so I headed that direction first.
Along the way I stopped at a charming town of Healdsburg which had many little sights and buildings that seemed to call to you.
I spoke to the owner of this art gallery at length about their eye catching building!
Those are Ziploc bags full of different colored water below on the right wall!
I enjoyed talking so much I was a little late to my appointment.

This didn't turn out to be a big deal as I was the only one of this tour at Queue!  
Full disclosure, I know little about wine, so it was a bit intimidating having complete attention on the tour.  After a couple of wine tastings to kick it off, we toured their organic garden.
Their sun dehydrator was beautiful as it was full working order!
We examined their smaller operations!
Then it was time for more of the tastings!  I had dressed very casually due to the reviews of going around the garden (but didn't seem needed).
The weather was just about right for sitting outside under an umbrella enjoying my own amazing charcuterie from the property.  I have never liked olives before but the ones grown from the olive trees behind me were amazing.  The pork had been dried from last years pigs.  I enjoyed this spot and quietness for sometime!  A unique experience, indeed, to just be quite with my own lists of wines, the view and thoughts. 
Then I wondered around the orchard a bit making my way to the pig pen.
I met next years treats!
As gross as it is somewhat, I do enjoy knowing exactly where my food has come from!
I then examined the organic garden a bit more....
 I caught a bee in action working on his pollination! 
  It was a beautiful space but, in that the temps were raising (in the 90s- one of their hottest days of the year), I was ready for some AC.
 With no set plans, I decided to explore the area some more.  There are over 100 wineries, so much to see and drink.  However, I had my fill for the day and just enjoyed the scenery!
I came across a reservoir and fish hatchery. 
 They had a visitor center to learn more and one could see the operations.
The heat prohibited me from hiking to much on foot but I was told about a great lookout spot, which did not disappoint.
 I had wanted to see more of the wineries and the land, so much of the afternoon was spent driving around.  

I did get a little frustrated with my GPS when it sent me in circles for awhile but attempted to keep going!
I did hop out and check out the inside of this huge one briefly, as I was intrigued. 
They had an event going on and a little to much for me at the moment.
 But I did peek in their gift store, wishing Beach was with me to check out this car!
Tons of Godfather merchandise, including this desk from the movie.
Awesome views, as expected.
 Then it was on the road again...with a little reminder of home! 
 Some more amazing sites on the way....
 And then I made it back to wait on my love!
 I became a photographer for all of the camera owners in this group of mater roasters!
 We stayed close to home that night attending a street festival downtown.  Mediterranean was on our menu tonight. Hello falaful. The festival was pretty similar to most towns that I had been to and it was interesting watching the locals!
 A beautiful church in the background begged us to get a closer look!
My LOVEland.
As the sun was setting I brought Beach to see their Civic Center, as it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, who Beach is a fan of!
 He had to get out to get a closer look!
It was a beautiful building!  The only downside was that it was to late to check things out inside! 
Back at "home" we enjoyed our last night in the hot tub, as we we would heading out in the morning.
I had a little time to prepare for checking out SF the next day!

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