Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Amazing Dads in my family (Father's day)

I have a couple of beyond amazing men in my life that I'm glad we get to pause and celebrate them each year.  Unfortunately I failed in taking pictures earlier in the day!  We did have a yummy breakfast before church and a relaxing afternoon, right up this daddy's alley.
The girls got some great snuggle daddy time full of smiles and giggles. 
Shiloh, also, got a bowl of water out and began washing Beach's feet.  She explained that she wanted to do something special for him as it was father's day!  I can never predict what that child will do next!
 The girls made Beach some sweet cards and "All About My Dad" papers!
Later that night at the Hughes family dinner we also had an amazing strawberry shortcake dessert!
The men approved!
The girls made Poppy his own card of sorts...
which they were beyond excited to give him!
They loved guessing all of the Poppy facts....
and I think Poppy enjoyed it just as much!
A couple weeks later when we had a free night, my sisters and I had a daddy daughter evening together!
Complete with a meal we knew he would enjoy...
games and popcorn....
and an amazing whipped Pineapple dessert (with no sugar but was still amazing).
And lots and lots of giggles!  
So glad we take the time to do this together!  It is a rarity to be able to do so but we always have such a great time!!! Until next year!

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