Saturday, June 24, 2017

San Fran to the Max - Part 2 (Day 5)

Since we had way to much fun (and pictures) to fill a day, I broke it down into two posts.  The first full half of the day is here and then picking right back up...
Our next adventure was a boat ride (also apart of the GoPass) under the Golden Gate.  I snagged a picture right before Beach got yelled at by the staff for fear he may fall in the water, really!
We started off inside the tour had your own earphones to hear the history of the land.
However, it was so pretty we just had to make our way outside!
This was WAY WINDIER, double coverage!
The fog had rolled in...
 I couldn't help but take more selfies... I was pretty excited!
We had a pretty good view of Alcatraz on the way back!
Then it was off for dinner number two.  Beach had made his need be known of friend calamari, and since we just really had snacks for lunch, I thought it only fair if I shared some with him.
We then walked to Pier 39 - Apparently the sea lions don't hang out there much when it is getting later.  Boo for only seeing a few far away.  I was pretty bummed about that.
We fought our way through the ridiculous amount of crowds to make it to the Aquarium of the Bay (part of GoPass).
They had some touch polls there, too, in which I dropped my sunglasses in, twice.
Beach had a staring contest with a fish....guess who won.
So I thought I would try too!
Although not a large aquarium, I always enjoy walking through water!
Due to it getting late, it had few people there, which was nice!
Next, we hit up the wax museum, Madame Tussauds  (you guessed it - it is part of the GoPass).
I have never been to one and ended up LOVING it...mainly because the were few other people around and Beach would be silly with me.  He doesn't always love the camera, so this was a treat!
Feeling the Vibes!
It was amazing how lifelike most of them were, could be a bit creepy.  I was also surprised about how small they was like they were real people or something.
Beach's favorite by far was acting out a childhood dream!
Right next door was Ripley's Believe it or Not (GoPass).  As a I grew up reading some of the books, I really wanted to check it out. Beach thought the idea was lame but in that it was right there we checked it out!
There were many interesting features but it was getting pretty late so my mind was not into a lot of reading that was needed.
So we didn't spend a ton of time there but did stop at the things that interested us!
Our day was almost done but Beach had really wanted to ride a trolley while we were there and we had yet to do so.  So we waited in a long line for a chance to ride.  I was getting a bit nervous (as I was thinking about the 2 hr drive that was still ahead of us to our next town that night) the longer we waited.  It was interesting watching the men physically turn the trolley around.
When the conductor came through the line asking if anyone was willing to stand up to ride (a lady decided on at the last minute that she didn't want to do so and would wait until the next one), I quickly volunteered and brought Beach with me.  I realized most people didn't know what he was talking about and knew we could handle it.  I'm pretty sure this saved us an hour (and my sanity) in waiting in line...thank you Jesus.
This was the most inefficient system and we all cramped on (I was where Beach's arm is above) and waited as the conductor made sure it was completely full and then took our money.  It seemed to take forever!
It was a fun ride on the big hills and I held on tight (as my legs were pretty worn out from the day)!
However, our car was near the first stop so we had to get off and reboarded another one.  This time, fortunately it was a quick wait.  It had gotten dark and the cable car had some interesting passengers including one filled with glitter. Can you tell we are tired?
And SF day out!  I would say we filled it pretty well!  The last leg was to make it across the state to our next Aribnb....that was the worst part of the day.  I was beyond tired at that point!
It was a pretty ride out of town to start with!  Thank you Lord for an amazing day with my amazing travel partner!  Yosemite....we're coming for you next!

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