Thursday, June 5, 2014

Perspective and returning to work

(Warning: this post definitely has incomplete sentences and many grammar errors...and that's ok.  It's more of a flow of my thoughts.  So if you can handle that ~> read on!)

It's all in how you see things, right?

My heart breaks, more sad news, babies killed by their mommas, a child's life lost from a tree branch while on a picnic, a friend has cancer, and a family member, and another....the lists goes on and on.  But I don't have to tell you that.  We all carry the burdens, some more deeply than others.

This time I have been blessed with on my maternity leave has given me more time, in some ways.  More time to think and to slow down a bit.  More time to reflect, to spend in the Word and to count thanks.

Perspective is good, and so much needed.  I confess that I'm such a task oriented person and miss opportunities with people, a lot.  This includes at my work, and when I left it was strictly in survival mood...just to get through everyday.  It's so hard for me when things are in that state to be present and see people for who they are, and let them know that they are seen, and they really do matter.  I think that is what so many people want to know, deep in their souls.  You are SEEN.  You are HEARD.  You do MATTER!

So I've gotten a break from the work part of work and reminded that I want to see others, even in the darkest, hardest pain, especially then. To love on those that don't get to be loved by many, if at all.  To show them a piece of the unconditional love that only comes from our Savior.
I will sure miss the littles, especially my new little man!  But seeing this bouquet on my desk when I got there that first morning, reminded me....I am seen.  I do matter.  And I want others to be filled with that same love.  So help me Lord.  Help me to see others the way that you do. To let the to do lists and tasks go. To acknowledge those that may need it most and to rely on your strength to do it all!

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