Sunday, June 1, 2014

We are kid least for the day. Happy 9 years!

I LOVE to travel, to see new things and cultures, my heart gets excited! This is probably the thing I miss most about having children.  I would have loved to get out of town for some time for our anniversary BUT having Ezra so small, it's just not worth the pumping.  (Plus I hate to put mom up to having to take care of him in the middle of the night.)  So for our 9th wedding anniversary Beach and I decided just to do some fun things around town that we wouldn't normally get to do with the kids around.
This included garage sale hopping, as our neighborhood had many to hit up.  We love getting to meet the people that live around us (and some of the many houses I pass while walking).  I scored a new USC cap and Beach found a fancy coffee thingy for a buck!  We found a couple of wins for the girls as well! 
After a nice workout and nap we headed downtown and saw an AWESOME movie at the Nickelodeon.  Then went across the street to the Good Life cafe.  All raw food that is amazing.  Check out this places for a real treat.  We had some gift certificates to cash in that made this a great deal!  Beach left them some Loveland Coffee Concentrate and they called the following day to place an order with him and will be using it in some of the drinks!
Then we headed to the Congaree Swamp.  We had never been and I kept checking my GPS because I really felt we were past beyond nowhere.  We found it though.....and the sun had already gone down.  Perfect.  Someone had suggested that we go and check out the firefly show.  After researching it a bit more I came to understand that there is only one other place in the country that has this phenomenon and rarely in the world.  Yet it has recently been validated that just in a few short weeks a year it happens at the Congaree swamp as well.  What I can only describe as God's techno light show where the fireflies blink in unison.  At times, it was almost a wave effect...nothing short of amazing.  It wouldn't show up on film and no words could do it justice; it was truly something you would just have to experience.  We recommend it to everyone and will take the kids out next year.

I just kept reminding myself to go slow, treasuring holding my best friend's hand as we walk in the woods on the boardwalk, counting my endless thanks for the day and our life.  Being present and breathing in the grace.  So blessed!

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