Sunday, June 15, 2014

In celebration of the fathers in my life!

Coming up for things for my dad for holidays is hard!  Am I right that men are typically really difficult to buy for?  I loved our mother's day idea but then, also, realized something I thought my dad would love.  
 Baseball, a Christian concert, fireworks and our family together, yes this was a go!
Mom helped me get the tickets together, so we all could go.
It was quite the carrier idea didn't last to long.
The littles did pretty well...considering, and we did walk around from time to time.
I mean.....I think we have another baseball fan in our mix.
My phone had little battery, so not as many pictures to capture the action but sister is always good in making the photo collages!
 My Dad is such a loving father and Poppy.  He has sacrificed so much for us over the years and adores his grandchildren.  I'm so thankful for him and his huge example of the Father's love!
The game started late...and was long as games go....BUT mom volunteered to have Zoe go home with them so that she could stay and watch the fireworks...she LOVED it!
So my baby daddy got a new shirt and card from the girls for Father's day.  I think he was happy with it and wore it to church that day.  He's gotten a lot of compliments on it, although he says the phrase applies more to me!  Hummm....maybe it was my subconscious way to remind him of such.
I asked what he wanted to do for his father's day.  His response?  For us all to wash his truck.
Well, that lasted a couple moments with the girls for me to take pictures. 
 But our kiddie pool and dad spraying them brought a lot of joy for all.
 Beach is such an amazing man that is so loving with his children.  He enjoys making them happy and we all love spending time with him.  Happy Father's Day to my main squeeze and I can't wait to see how all our relationships grow through this craziness of raising our littles!

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