Saturday, February 28, 2015

Limbo master and date time

It was daddy daughter dance time again and Zoe made sure to invite her dad when she found out about it at church. Zoe was so funny, she insisted on wearing the same dress as the previous year (well after her Tinkerbell dress up was vetoed), since that was what she wore then....even though she hated it last year and left in tears.  This year her hair was long enough for a ponytail, too! 
Although Shiloh was not old enough to go, she still wanted a picture with her daddy.
There were many picture attempts and out takes.
This year fared a little better for Beach, as there was more dancing involved.
Sometimes very intensely.
Boy do little girls love to dance!
Who knew that I was married to such a limbo machine!
Apparently his 6'3 frame didn't hold Beach back and he set the bar low (or jump rope).
And for several days later he let me know how badly his hips hurt.
This may be why she was looking forward to the event so much as Daddy let Zoe have many special treats!
I love this picture and that they got to share such a special evening together!  May they always go on dates together!

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