Saturday, February 14, 2015

My loves on love day

Simple pleasures to make the day full of love.  That was my goal.  Past the time in life where I expect to go on fancy dates for Valentines day or for hubby to come up with a present I just adore.  No, I just want to share the love with the ones I love the most!
This easy breakfast was a hit with the girls!
We all got invited to a birthday party for one of Zoe's classmates at a gym.
Everyone had a great time, including Ezra!
Zoe was having so much fun, she refused to stop and take a cute picture (clearly not happy in my attempt)!
Daddy showed Ezra how to succeed in the pommel horse!
A frozen theme...what could be better (nothing in my girls opinion)!
I missed the photo opportunity of the cute birthday girls :-(
After home and taking needed naps, we went on a short adventure.

Zoe often asks if the golf course is closed so that she can play on it.  I rarely let her (as this is usually around dinner time) but figured out what she really wanted was to go to find the "castle tree" we did!
Complete with swords!
Then there was much running as the sun set (so as to stay warm while having fun!).
We ran back to have dinner with daddy and Ezra.  My dad ended up bringing me and each of the girls a thoughtful.  Goal complete for the love day!

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