Sunday, February 22, 2015

To Close to a YEAR (Ezra @ 11 months)

Sigh, the time is here where my baby is too close to being a year old!
Currently: Ezra's two top and bottom teeth are now in and he wants to get a hold of anything to bite...including his mommy (but luckily no other people)!
We had a fun play date with some busy boys!

I mean that smile....I can't handle it!
My poor little one got sick with the rest of us (but fortunately not as bad).  I was very thankful that he  slept a good bit in his crib when I was sick, too, but later wanted lots of mommy snuggles!
We have to watch Ezra, as he is so fast to dash to the plants and now attempts to eat the dirt (along with racing to the bathroom to play with the potty if the door is left open).
He was not a fan of being in the carrier while in the back and prefers to snuggle up front with his mommy.  Maybe it was because he was sleepy.
Still not walking yet, but Ezra is a lot stronger in being able to stand on his own.  The girls (individually) will play more with him now.  Together they enjoy running away from him, as if he is chasing them (he hasn't noticed yet).  Zoe has fun helping him walk (although by the time I went to capture it - he was already tired and ready for a break)!
One of his favorite things to do is to push anything he can around.  He has even figured out a game he can play with his sister where she is sitting in the computer chair (with wheels) and he will move her around the kitchen.  Zoe loves this as well.

They, also, hold hands on the way to drop off Zoe to school.  As soon as I put him in the car seat he reaches out his hand to Zoe to hold hers.  Swoon!
The countdown now begins where my baby will turn into a toddler!

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