Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Shiloh - WILD turned Helper?

One of my biggest challenges while I was working was handling a strong willed two year old that was not getting her love tank filled, as needed.  This meant that when I would get home from work she would mostly cry the rest of the night.  She just was not a happy camper....and neither was I.  So I was looking forward to some more one on one time (since big sis is in school), so that we could work on our relationship together and build in some positive interactions.
Unlike her sister, who is a mini-me in so many ways, Shiloh marches to her own drummer.  I must admit that this makes it harder for this momma to always figure out how to handle her beat.
I still get asked if she is Zoe's twin, despite their two year age difference, and her larger stature makes me forget sometimes her true developmental age.  
I have felt challenged in taking her out places, as her wild nature wants to just run free (and not listen to her struggling momma).  But I want her to experience things and have opportunities, so we just keep trying (and I try to avoid eye contact with others when she is really acting out - this has often left me very sweaty!). 
But, and this I feel is HUGE, I have found a way to connect with her, beside the intense snuggles and rough housing.   With Zo in school she has really enjoyed filling in the role as helper, especially with cooking.  While this is something completely new to me (Beach mostly cooked when I was working as I admit I'm not a fan of doing so), I have a sous-chef.  Shiloh always wants to help and is so focused in her work.  She is determined and works hard (and I just try to be patient, involve her as much as possible and don't look at the mess)!  I feel so blessed to have discovered this, as it would not have been had I been working.  I'm excited to see where this joint venture will take us and to have a kitchen partner.  I think I may even not mind cooking as much now!

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