Sunday, February 9, 2014

The facebook FACADE

I have a love/hate relationship with facebook/instagram.  I've always enjoyed looking at pictures and just seeing a bit about how others do life.  I'm also aware of how deceiving it can appear, snapping certain pictures and of seemingly amazing times, when it can be far from reality.  I love my 10 filter choices to make things look even that much better but let's be life is not always so wonderful.

I love this picture I was able to get of Beach and Zoe.  We were all looking forward to Zoe's first daddy/daughter date.  This girl loves dancing, dressing up and her dates with daddy, so it would be awesome (those high expectations will often came back to bite you!).  I mean it is a cute picture right (at least a lot of people on fb seemed to agree).  
 But what it doesn't show... the fact that we had a very busy weekend and I had to wake Zoe to get her dressed (never a good thing) as she was so worn out... or that she didn't want to put on that dress (or the shoes) and made a huge deal of it (I'm talking not getting out of bed tantrum, the party has already started)...or that she and I were crying and I had to have Beach remove her from my presence...and that at that point, any type of picture was out of the question....all the while Shiloh was screaming/crying in her room and could not be consoled.  It also doesn't show how at the dance, she didn't dance much (although Beach told me she enjoyed picking up the glitter that was on the floor), did not eat any of the dinner but still got some dessert.  And the lemonade...which she told me much about (another special treat). 
So when she came home....we did try again.  The combo of her tired/hyped up sugary self made me very thankful that this was not her norm (as we try to keep the food dyes and sugar intake low), as I pretty sure she would then have some type of diagnosis (and I would have a lot less hair from it being pulled out).  I took many pictures, after threatening/encouraging her to come out from behind the chair that she was randomly behind.  The one above was the only non-blurry, non-cross eyed, daddy doesn't looks exhausted picture. 
I deleted most of them but just for real life proof... I included a keep me grounded in reality, as surly I'm not the only one that feels this way.  And to remain more transparent and real to those that may have similar struggles!  Got it keep it real.          

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  1. Love you Jessica and your desire to keep it makes us all realize that we each have daily struggles and the common anchor is Jesus. Thank you God for your grace and your love for broken needy people.