Monday, February 17, 2014

10 years later...V-day Date night

Going out and waiting in line for dinner is not what I would call fun.....but we decided to try to face the crowds anyway.  We hadn't had a date for months, and probably wouldn't get one for a long time with the baby on the way and this just wasn't any Valentines day!  No, this was no ordinary day, this was in celebration of how 10 years ago Beach and I officially started dating (not counting our high school years - see photo from Prom 1997) - more of that in a later post.
In typical Jessica fashion, we had a groupon to a Tapas restaurant downtown that Beach agreed theory I like the idea of tapas, getting to try a lot of different food items.  We didn't have to wait for a table on a Saturday night (score) and got a nice quiet corner table.  You would think with 40$ on our certificate we get a decent meal.  It tasted good but we both left pretty hungry.  At least I had a great view!
10 years ago we had dessert/coffee at Cafe Strudel.  I loved the older historic home that it was in with unique funky rooms.  They closed the location down, though, and opened one right down the street that I have heard good things about. 
It was packed so we ended up sitting at the bar.  Seeing how they made their coffee drinks was interesting (and disappointing), as I thought of the place as a coffee shop but it a lot of it was just prepackaged.  I suppose true coffee houses are getting fewer and fewer. Makes me appreciate my man's skills and work even more. 
Most of the desserts were already sold out and the ones left were not too thrilling, but we did split a piece of cheesecake.  And when we saw the guy next to us order eating some duck fat fries...we ended up getting those too.  Empty stomach problem solved.  Taking advantage of this whole pregnancy thing just a bit longer, as I treasure my time with my LOVE.
May the next 10 years be just as full and exciting as the last!  I love you Beach!

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