Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentines full of frustrations and love in the end

Is it just me....I seem to get caught up in wanting to make things special but feel like I fall so short in so many ways.  I know it goes along with my struggle of not feeling good enough.  There are so many things that I think I want to do, but just can't seem to find the time.  Mix that in with my task oriented nature and OCD about cleaning = big sigh.

Take Valentines day or don't, as I mostly did.  Beach and I are not into the fact that we have to get something/do something for each other, but it does happen on occasion, which is nice....but no pressure either way.  However, when it comes to my girls, I seem to have a hard time, as I want so many things to be special to them.  Perhaps it is because I know Zoe anticipates things so much and gets so excited.  It can be about the smallest thing really and she is pumped.  I do love that about her.  So I feel that it is the least that I can do something! 

This holiday, though, was anything but loving (well it started out that way at least).  When I went in to get Shiloh in the morning, I walked in to see this....PJ's down to her ankles (with a dirty diaper of course), a wipe on her head and many many more on her Pooh bear....I was just thankful that she still had her diaper on!

Zoe busted out in tears in hearing that her daddy was not home.  All out ugly cry!  She had gotten used to him being around more with the snow days!  Poor thing.

I tried to do something holiday like in arranging their cottage cheese (what they have most days for lunch) in a heart shape with fruit.  They seemed pretty happy about it.

We also made daddy a Valentines of sorts and hung hearts on his door of things they loved about him!  (Ignore the odd grammar....I was pretty tired at the time!)

Lack of sleep, teething, many time outs and punishment, frantic search to find my new insurance card then Dr. appointment canceled due to snow and date changes and plans all left to a pretty deflated momma by afternoon. After her nap, Shiloh just wanted to gnaw (due to the teething) on her hand or hold my chin (I'm not sure what that was about).
But I tried not to get tooooo down.  We enjoyed getting out that night to get adjusted (besides the crazy Christmas-like traffic that made a 10 minute drive into an hour) and then cashed in a couple of dinners I won to Zoe's Kitchen!
This little was was so excited to go to her namesake for weeks!  They gave out free cups AND had green tea (that was not sweetened or caffeinated and pink....score) that she loved.  We enjoyed the take out at the Russells for some cousin play time.
I made Zoe a simple card about 19 things I liked about her...and she wanted to hang it on her door, just like we did with daddy's!  So cute!
Top the night off with popcorn, an earthquake and snuggles with this guy and life seems good again!

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