Saturday, April 16, 2016

Strawberries in my belly and all over me!

Seriously it has to be one of my favorite things to do. To tackle and amazing day, spend it outside with those I love and digging in on some of God's handiwork!
We have a local farm, Sease Farms, that is not to far from us that we have been able to go to the past few years.
I've always taken the littles with matter the age.  Enjoyed nursing this baby in the fields two years ago!
We hit it just right this year, with no pollen, not to hot and a field that was so plentiful you hardly had to move before your bucket was full!
Grammy was the only one that could make it with us this year but we are so glad she did!
I'm pretty sure some of us ate our weight in Strawberries that morning!
We got several buckets but those went quickly at home, between eating them and freezing some for smoothies.
The eating continuing right until we left the fields!  The faces bright red when leaving (and the owner asked to take a picture of the littles for her Facebook page).
We had such an amazing much so that I'm thinking about going again before this season is over...don't think I can wait a whole another year!

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