Wednesday, April 13, 2016

These crazy animals!

One of my absolute favorite things to be able to do now that I'm not "working" (ha! saying that in itself is a joke) is to be able to attend field trips with my Zoe!  I do miss seeing her all day, so this is a special mommy/daughter time that she craves, too!
This time we were off to the zoo (which Zoe had been asking about for some time now). 
I find it interesting that, as she has gotten older, what captivates her attention changes over the years.
I got to chaperone another sweet little Zoe as well!
The highlight was getting to check out the new children's garden!  The tram was broken, so the girls were pretty good sports in trucking it up the hill with me!
Well worth it to explore the awesome job that they did in creating such a playful space!
We had the garden pretty much to ourselves, as I'm pretty sure no one else deterred from the animals to check it out (or didn't know it existed yet).
There were so many things to see we just had to stop briefly to check each thing out...well worth coming back again and spending quite some time here!
We successful avoided the water area, where the cooler temps would not have mixed!  But got the hands a little dirty in the dinosaur dig!
What a great bunch of kiddos and some awesome teachers!
Afterwards we had a picnic at the park...
Caught these cute blond smiles before we left!
It was one awesome day!

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