Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Yo Governor!

I love being able to do things that enrich my children's (and my) lives.  The art museum holds a program once a month geared at 2 to 5-year-olds, Gladys' Gang.  Since Ezra now fits and can sit longer....he joined us this time, too!
They start with talking about a theme in art and reading a book to go along with it.
After some time examining the galleries it's off to make art ourselves.  The littlest are just able to see over the table (cute pic by D)!
It surprise me still sometimes....but Ez really wants to join in whatever everyone else is doing! 
It's great that the cousins are often there as well!
This month we packed a picnic and after it was over, we had a wonderful time in the governor's mansion garden.
I had to include an awkward eating picture!
The grounds are so beautiful and have many little areas to explore!
I wish I had taken more time when I worked downtown to admire such a beautiful place!
I had actually had my bridal pictures here many years ago! I had never imagined my littles running down the rows in years to come!
We weren't sure if anyone was home that day but we did take a peek.
Next time we won't let it be so many years before we visit here again!  Maybe we will see you next time Governor Nikki! 

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  1. This was, love, love how you and Danielle are doing life together with your littles! Make this Mom feel very happy and blessed. I too remember that day of pictures at the Govenor's mansion. Time has a way of flying by!