Saturday, April 30, 2016

Birthday season

This was a busy birthday month (really all of spring is for our family) I linked together some of the loves of the month of April! (Zoe got her own post it was such a busy day.)
Beach and I had such a treasured mid-morning the day of his birthday.  After he worked the morning shift we were able to go downtown to the Gourmet Shop to have an amazing brunch (do you know how hard it is to find a place that does brunch on the weekdays).  He had never been there and the weather was perfect to sit outside and enjoy this view!  We get such rare time alone and he works so hard that it is a true blessing to have this time.
We had a simple dinner at home that night with the kids, followed by some ice-cream...
And cards and gifts.
Neither of our love languages is gifts (thank goodness) so we don't even always do them.  This time I made a special oil blend cologne for him...he's not sure what to think about it.
On dad's actually birthday we were at his house for dinner....and he busted out his special hat!
It was followed by his favorite dessert Key Lime Pie.
I just had to include these fun pictures that capture Dad's fun goofy spirit!  I can't imagine where I get it from!
Then we all celebrated these men (again - I know we like to celebrate) with a joint birthday.  With the things men love....ribs.
(Nothing different here....just a cute picture of my other little man.)
More homemade cards...
and presents....Poppy has a lot of helpers.
And finally the long requested Twix cake.  That's right...a homemade huge candy bar.
Beach was pleased!
Technically my mom's birthday is May 1st...but this year we celebrated a day early.
Yummy Zucchini cake made my Danielle!
She certainly is a blessed loved mom and grammy!
Whew, almost done with spring birthdays....but it is so fun to celebrate these precious lives!

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