Sunday, August 31, 2014

So hot out here....and other happenings in August

My two mini-me....male and female version.
Yes date night....despite Beach not feeling well, we still had a good time out.  When we are with the kids we cannot seem to have a conversation, as they are soooo talkative and still learning about not having dinner peace is special!
We stopped by the lake to check out the view on the way home.
Library time fun with puppets.
We braced the crowds for a free day at Edventure.
It had been about a year since the girls had been able to they really enjoyed it.
Beach is always so amazing wearing Ezra, so I can be more hands on with the girls.

Apparently Zoe liked the dinosaurs.

They have many fun exhibits.

My parents inherited my grandmother's for these princess.

My girls attempt at the photo booth.  Zoe turning a necktie props to a hair bow and Shi attempting to get in on the action, too.
Happy special birthday to a very blessed little boy!
The walls in our kitchen have been an on going  project for months now.  We finally decided on red....which I believe is the hardest color to paint....looks like it is going to be another several weeks to get done!
When it has been days and days of hot humid mess....some mornings call for first thing playdough sessions outside.
Zoe was pretty proud of herself for the burger so made!  (Don't worry it was grass fed.)
My sister, Danielle, is back with watching my littles this month while I work.  She is such a blessing.

I love that she enjoys taking pictures (and is so good at it).  Here are some of the images she captured from watching them this month!

I love that these cousins get to spend so much time together.  Hoping that these will be friendships that will last a lifetime!

Sending love from the Lovelands this month!

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