Friday, December 9, 2016

Out for some adventures (Dec. '16 Part I)

Such a fun time of the year that I had to break up this month is a few post!  I have grown to really want to soak up this season!
While the weather was still nice and Zo was out of school, we had a well over-due time at the park!
Even as a young thing Zoe would often stick out her tongue when really makes me smile that she often still does this now!

Although with us, Shiloh was to busy to stop for a photo!
Man how I love my boys!
They got to watch a bit of Charlie Brown's Christmas this year!
One of my favorite Christmas traditions in going to a near by church's drive-through nativity scene.
It can take awhile but it is worth it! We popped popcorn and even let them get out of their seats to get a great view!
I had a major score when the craft store had a sale of 70% off their Christmas crafts, so we scooped some up and made some of our own.  In the past I have done better with doing advent crafts daily but having that pressure on and not getting it done is pretty disappointing.  So taking a lot more relaxed stance now and enjoying what we get to do.
Our Michigan Grands are awesome about sending out individual cards to the littles!
They were excited to have their own Christmas cards!
My health has been awful (yet again), so I had to document when I got a little workout in (even when it was after 9pm when all the house had settled)!
We had a fabulous time at the art museum and even my sister, the artist, got to come!
I see ya!
Then it was on to creating art ourselves!
The library had PJ story time at night, so fun!
I was trilled that I could chaperone a field trip to Edventure with Zoe's school.
We learned about countries around the world.
And Zoe got to practice one of her future professions.
Our little partner didn't want to join us for this picture.
She, again, has such a sweet class and teacher!
We all still decorate my parents Christmas tree as well!
The old ornaments are the best!
Dad had the honors of putting the star on top!
Mom had new ornaments for the littles.
The decorating gang...
and littles!
Loving all the lights and thinking about the LIGHT....

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