Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Let the holiday season begin!

Let the Christmas season begin with all the fun that it brings!  The last couple of years we have gone so Saluda Sholes the Monday before Thanksgiving.
They kick off their holiday lights with a Turkey Trot, where you can enjoy walking and taking in all the sights!  
As much as we were smiling then, we almost didn't make it, and I was in tears earlier from the rough day that it had been.  So thankful for this gracious man that helped support me and we made it there!
Also, thankful that we caught up with my sister and her family, as both Beach's and my camera ran out of battery!
Sister picture (although we did miss the rest of the family)!
It was a cold night so we really bundled up!
But did let the girls out for a couple of fun pictures!
I scored a great deal on some Nutcracker tickets, so I thought it would be worth trying to take the girls to see it!  Thankful that my mom was able to come too!
We managed to get there early for some great seats up front.  I was hoping this would help the attention level if they could see well!
I attempted to take a group shot but this was the best I could get.....after explaining to Shiloh that she was not to lick her shoe for our picture!
What a great use of their Aunt Lauren's flower girl dresses!
The kids really wanted to see the show from the balcony, so at intermission we found a good spot up top.
It was an amazing show and interesting seeing it from a different view point!
I sure do love my girls and our special date time!
So thankful that my amazing mom could join us!
Afterwords the kids were ecstatic to meet some of the dancers!
And even Clara!  This has renewed Zoe's interest in dance even more!

It is somewhat fun not having a baby to worry about breaking the ornaments, so that all the kids can participate in decorating!
They all enjoyed it greatly!
Shiloh, especially, loved it and has proceeded to decorate the house with various things since!
We are fully welcoming any glitter and twinkling that this season holds!  Bring it December!

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