Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Grand time dressing up!

It has been a long wait for the kids to see their grandparents (all year to be exact).  So they were very excited about their recent trip!
They always come bearing gifts that have to come out right away....this time lots of good finds from unclaimed lost and found at Donna's school. 
The intro tickling from grandpa is a must!
Grandma brought her own book this year to share, which all the kids enjoyed.
Stuffed animal fun, a special gift from a now married cousin that will pass on her childhood love to a younger generation!
They also had a great find of hundreds of Lincoln Logs to build on for days.
The next day it happened to be donuts with Dads and the first one Beach was able to go too!

What a cute time that he even got to come with his own dad!

Zoe's treat matched her Lady Bug Girl outfit!

Donna got to have lunch with Zoe and bring her teacher some of her specialty cookies.  Shiloh, also, got to help out in the cookie making process.
Meanwhile Ezra got in some good snuggles!
Later that night we went to Zoe's last soccer practise.  The parents scrimmaged the kids, which seemed to be a lot of fun for all.
Zoe has LOVED her first experience of soccer this year.  She liked the metal they received but was disappointed that it was not a trophy, as she had her hopes up in her heart.
She was beyond thrilled that her buddy was surprisingly on the same team!  This was a blessing!
The next day Donna and I went to Shiloh's last ballet practise.  Even though Shiloh has seemed to enjoy ballet, she has decided that she no longer wants to go.  Her free spirited heart cannot be tied down to very structured activities it seems.
The kids love dressing up, OK I do too; so this time of year is so fun with many opportunities to do so.
We did an event around Harbison lake the kids enjoyed the previous year.
Ezra LOVED his Oloft costume when he first got it, but then hated it after being there.  Pretty much every person we passed (and it was a lot) had to comment on him.  
I don't blame them as he was very cute.  However, I think this did not help his shy nature and getting all the attention meant his hat came off after another loud comment (although this did not stop them).
They had several friendly vendors.
And even a large cow.
Thankful that the grands could have fun with us too!
We got together with the extended family for lunch after church.  Unfortunately this was the only picture I snapped.  I do love that they have time to catch up with one another!
A church just down the road has a fun festival that we have crashed the past couple of years (well they do welcome all and are very friendly).
Ezra opted for his 25cent costume from a garage sale years ago, he melted down in the other one.  
He, also, insisted on wearing sunglasses (that had previously come from a stuffed animal).
All three even got a little painting this time around.
The girls found a trunk to match!

Ezra was on repeat for the slide!
They even had pizza for the littles to have dinner.
The hayride was not a hit with grandma, however, I went to snap a cute picture of the two of them and she was already escaping!
Shiloh got in one last read with grandpa before they had to go...it was a another great trip.
The Grands left Halloween morning, but we still managed to have some fun that night.
Thanks of Chipotle for having a great deal for those in costumes!
We ran into some friends and need to capture the beauty!
Then it was time to visit our neighbors!
Beach even enjoyed himself and we hit many houses, in that we didn't see anyone else walking, everyone gave us lot of candy.
Which was fully inspected when we got home.

However, if you know me you know we don't keep candy in the house (OK I let them each pick out four pieces for later), so we collected the rest from the past couple of days and loaded up a bag.
I was shocked when I took it to the dentist the following day (they send it to the troops....LOVE this) and found that it was 10lbs!  Well I suppose that is a good representation of all the fun we had collecting it and having a Grand time!

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