Sunday, November 13, 2016

The Wedding Day (Prep)!

Well the day was finally here, in all it's rainy cold glory.  Despite the crazy turn in the weather, Lauren, was still in a great place and saw the beauty that was all around!  She and mom asked me to ride with them to the venue, which I was happy to do.  I helped the bride along the way in paying one last bill for her over her phone to give her a chance to relax completely.
Thankfully we were there pretty early and could take a leisurely pace in getting ready.
Lauren had some talented friends do her make-up and hair.
I had no idea what I was going to do with all of my own hair (hair has never been my thing).  BUT one of the bridesmaids, Kalin, steeped up and took a swing at helping me and really did a great job!
There were also some friends and family that were hanging out in our prep area as well.  Beach brought my kiddos by later to get them dressed and ready!
Lots of leisure time meant lots more photos!
Thankfully Ezra made a friend, always a help for this momma!
Sisters!  Halfway ready!
The kids looked so stinking cute I could hardly stand it!
Mom and her last baby girl!
Then it was time for the great dressing!
And dad getting his first looks!  I wish I had a better shoot of his face!  He was beyond awesome!
I'm pretty sure he was teary eyed.
My girls had some time on a borrowed tablet, which keep them busy for a bit!
Lauren took some shoots with all her beautiful nieces!
New momma, Rachel, had her well behaved son as well.  For real, he was like a baby doll and she was so amazingly chill.  I was in awe!
Sister picture with Kalin, who wanted in on the sister action that day!
Keeping the kids occupied is sometimes a challenge.
So we did lots of selfies!
And THIS was prob the best picture of all four of us from the day (sad that I didn't get any others)!
While we were prepping, Beach was making sure the coffee stand was good and...
taking a cute selfie himself.
Lauren had some amazing helpers that were especially needed during a bridesmaid dress emergency, when a zipper completely broke and she needed a repair kit from the store!
The little girls were set up with their flower power and all set to go!
Everything seemed to be all set until....right when the ladies headed out, my little fella threw himself on the floor in a tantrum and I had no idea why!  I attempted to choke down my panic mode and bribed him with a cracker and a promise to have another one once he got done.  In that this was a rarity for him, it seemed to work....but literally at the last moment and I wasn't sure how it was all truly going to do down (praying that my 2-year-old was not going to ruin the ceremony)...

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