Saturday, November 12, 2016

Lauren's Wedding-Eve (that's a name right?)

The weekend had finally come!  I remember as a young bride to be being beyond excited about this time!  We had a blast with family and friends the day before Lauren's big day!
To kick it off my mom hosted a bridal brunch at her house!
I took a ton of pictures...
I explained to Lauren that she would need to get used to be photographed all the time and learn to embrace it!
This makes me crack up and I love it!
So sweet to have good friends there!
Mom made Lauren special non-diary eggs (due to her health) and you can tell she loved being caught off guard!
 We were so thankful to have our Aunt there all the way from Florida!
Sweet friend, Kalin, took a bunch of pictures, too, that I used for this blog (thanks for sharing)!
The whole brunch crew!
Us doing the silly squat pose for grins!
Lauren spent over a half hour on a sweet speech about each one of us!
Then it was gift time with some jewelry to wear the next day.
Danielle was very excited (sorry D I couldn't help but post it)!

For those that could stay a little later, they worked on the flower girl crowns for the next day.
Had to make sure they were just right!

That night it was the rehearsal dinner at a country club near the wedding venue.

It was a gorgeous day for our practice outside!

We rehearsed on a grassy area that overlooked a golf course....meaning lots of room for the kids to run around a be somewhat crazy!

Some bridesmaids waiting for instruction.

Aaron warming up!

Flower girls looking cute!

Then it was practice time and I couldn't help but be a little silly!
I'm not going to lie, the controlling side of me wanted more structure and to know what was going on.  I was a bit nervous about how the day was going to go tomorrow!
Then it was time to head inside for the dinner.
It was nice that they had a little coloring table set up for our littles!
And a mirror to help distract them for a bit!

While everyone else walked around with an icebreaker game, I got to hold an adorable boy while he colored!
Zoe (with her daddy's help) actually tied for the icebreaker game.  They had to play rock-paper-scissors to find the ultimate winner.....guess who that was!
Dinner was yummy (and a challenge), as one of my daughters burst into tears at the sight of the chicken, as she did recognize it (but later liked it when we finally convinced her to try it) and the other ate off the serving spoon in the buffet line when I wasn't looking (sorry Lauren and William....luckily she was not sick).
I was very fortunate to have a young lady helper sitting with us that my kids seemed to respond too!
Then it was on to the speeches....which I didn't know they were doing.  I was socked to see my mom went first (I get my shyness from her) but she did a great job!
As did my dad...
And William's family and friends....although I could tell there were a few times when he looked really nervous about what they could say!
And we made it though the day.  I will admit my kids were a lot more difficult to balance then I had expected (there was that one time my 4-year-old was found behind the bar and then later lying down screaming outside of the window...sigh).  BUT I was really looking forward to the following BIG DAY for my LITTLEST of sisters!

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