Friday, November 4, 2016

Wedding Celebration and Prep for the Bride!

The months of planning and the time was so sister, Lauren, was getting married so soon!
Her amazing friends threw her a bachelorette shower/weekend.
These longtime pals are foodies, so the spread that we all pitched in on was incredible!
Danielle loves her a good cheese platter, so we know where to find her!
Lauren was super thankful, as she is normally very limited in what she can eat due to her health!
We played some thoughtful games...
And some that had me laughing (for days).
Of course there were fun gifts as well!
Some of the youngins spent the night but this momma headed to her own bed at home.
However, we were back again for an amazing brunch at Good Life Cafe.
The bride and her beautiful hosts that were such an amazing blessing!  So thankful that my sister has lifelong true friends that are such a loving support for her!
Then a couple of weeks until the wedding and there was still much to be done!
Being the artist that she is, Lauren had a ton of DIY beautiful projects to get done.  A couple of days I was able to help her with sign painting.  Shiloh desperately wanted to help paint signs as well, so we gave her her own little "sign"!
They turned out fantastic but I can't emphasize enough how I am so glad Pinterest had not been invented yet when I got married, or I'm pretty sure I would have gone crazy with all that is now available!
Another evening the sisters got together one last time to have some girl talk and wrap silverware.  It was a special time to be together in the quiet love of family.  We are so excited of what is to come soon...

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