Monday, December 26, 2016

Hughes Christmas

We had such an amazing Christmas but the celebrations weren't done yet!  We still needed to celebrate with my family at my parent's house.
Aaron gave some pre-meal book reading, and they all wanted to sit in the chair with him!  We did have another amazing feast (that I forgot to capture).
 We didn't do so well getting a cousin picture....but Danielle did get a shot of all of them in it.
The Russells, also, had an adorable family picture (fail again at a Loveland picture....forgot) that I had to include it.
Then it was presents time!
The kids went first and the love and excitement overflowed.
Ezra is pretty easy to buy for....anything having to do with vehicles and he is overjoyed!
Zoe is good with all things cute.
My artist got some more supplies!
For the longest time my dad has been collecting Hess trucks....the day had finally come where he would get to give his first one!
Ezra couldn't be more thrilled!
Adaylen had the best reaction in finding out the bible we gave her came with CDs too!
Mom had the insight to have the kids watch a movie so that the adults could enjoy opening their own gifts...
Beach was pretty thrilled with his presents!
We got to give out some Loveland Coffee swag.
Our parents had some fun gifts.
And dad got worn out. (sorry dad I had to include it...a part of the great experience)...fell asleep with wrapping paper in hand....I don't blame him with all our wild bunch hanging around!
Here is to the merriest time of year!

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