Friday, December 23, 2016

Time to create (Dec '16 - Post II)

We had so much fun this month it called for multiple posts, see the first one here....
Another Saturday we went to a church's Breakfast in Bethlehem celebration.
We enjoyed making some cards, had breakfast, heard the Christmas story...
and made some crafts.
Then we headed over to the library where we made gingerbread houses!
The kids all LOVED this activity and did pretty well not licking to much!
Shiloh decorated the whole hour and would have gone longer if she had more supplies and time!  Her kind of fun!
This was our first time this school year making it to Zoe's school for their toddler time.
Reindeer crafts and book fun!
Our amazing chiropractor had Santa one day.  Even though the kids know he is not real they still enjoyed talking to him and spent a lot of time doing so!
Helping out in Zoe's classroom for her holiday party was a bit crazy but fun!
I worked up a sweat tracing may a gingerbread man!
Cheers to another big step in my health journey...daily bone broth....this time in a mug.  Perhaps if I sip it by the fire I can imagine it is something more yummy?
Another local church showed Polar Express at the park, complete with popcorn and goodies.  They did a fabulous job and it wasn't to cold that it was enjoyable (and full of snuggles)!
They even handed out bells at the end for the kiddos!
My attempt at making a holiday gathering a bit more healthy....
The library hosted Porkchop Productions, who always do a fabulous job and is quite enjoyable for the adults as well.  My girls are still quoting things from it!  Well done ladies!
Shiloh just enjoys creating so much!  When our leftover Harry and David boxes were given to her she created her own ginger bread house!
One special morning we got to spend with Aunt Lauren and her temporary home!
We made some awesome paleo pumpkin bread...
Salt dough ornaments....
Read stories and built a fort...
And got to see William for a bit when he got home.  Wanting to treasure this time as they will be off and moving soon on their next adventure!
Another time at the library and Poppy and Grammy joined us with the cousins!
I know this season will come to an end, and I'm so very thankful for our time there!
Best fish tacos....
AND a hot date to enjoy and then wrap presents together!
Alright Christmas...I think we are ready for ya!

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