Friday, July 22, 2016

Finally Florida Bound (part 1)

It has been years since we have visited Florida to see my extended family, four to be exact.  Having babies and your own business does not usually make it conducive to travel.  However, since Ezra is a pretty laid back, as far as two-year-olds go, we thought we would join my parents and sisters for a week of family and fun this year.  As the time grew close, though, I truly didn't know if we would able to go, as the fevers seemed to keep staying with my littles.  However after some herbs from our PA, the ear infections seemed to clear up just in time.
Well almost....Ezra was pretty miserable driving down, crying much of the way unless touched on his head...which was no easy task.  Really not his normal self and it made it pretty tough emotionally on me who drove the whole way down.  My poor mom also got sick on the way down.  So we were beyond grateful when we finally got there and settled down for a simple dinner.  These precious cousins were beyond excited and sat like this on their own, sweetly singing their prayer before they dug in.
The next morning we had a short time at the park across the street.
They were a fan of the dinosaurs.
However, Ezra was not a fan of sharing with his sister.
Steep slides made for awesome slow-mo movies with my phone!
The park is really beautiful with a lake in the middle.  At one point you can walk out to a little island.
It had some fun birds to chase.
We also had some folks that really enjoyed climbing trees! (Aunt D takes the best pics!)
However, by this point we were all pretty hot and ready to get back....this was the only face I was getting from Shiloh!
Fortunately at this time family was ready for us!
My sweet Aunt Laurie had gifts for all our kids.
My girls clearly loved their new Frozen dolls!
We had some fun looking at old pictures.
The girls adored seeing GGpa.  Zoe showed off her recently missing tooth.
Ezra had a fun time finding the things with wheels!  
While I thought the kids did great during out visit, it was a bit much for GGPa (making him a "nervous wreak") we would need to change our visiting strategy.
The kids later enjoyed some watermelon on the screened in porch (D captured the fun).
Since we were staying at our own apartment in the retirement community, they had fun perks, like mini grocery carts to carry our things, and all our children on occasion for fun rides!  Needless to say we stood out wherever we went!

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