Sunday, July 24, 2016

Take me to the beach (FL part 3)

I mean you can't go to the golf and not go to the beach am I right?  This girl wants to take every opportunity out there for some salt life living!
Sand Key Beach had a ton of shells, which is always fun for the littles.
Ez was still supper clingy...even the sand and waves could only distract him momentarily from being held by his momma....he loves all things momma, including her glasses.
Shiloh, on the other hand, had a blast in the sand.
Girls hanging out!
So thankful that Poppy loves the water and graciously took the girls out one on one for some ocean time.
 These two loved playing in the sand together!
Bubbles left over from the Radds.
Ezra loved that he could blow some himself, too.
Not surprisingly we had a great morning and had a sandy lunch to top it off....just missed having my own Beach there with us, too!

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