Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Moo Hoo....and trying to be more silly

It's that day that comes just once a year.  For my kids that rarely, if ever, eat out - it is a big deal!  The girls call it appreciate a Cow day. Ha!  I just let them keep saying it because I think it is so funny.  

On the way to Chick-fil-A that morning Zoe asked me, "Mom, why aren't you silly anymore?" It stopped me right in my tracks, for I knew she was right, I knew there were way more times than not I was more uptight than I would want to be.  Sigh.  "When was I last silly?" I wanted her perspective.  "When I was three, or four.  You were really silly then," she explained.  Yes, that was one less kid and less responsibilities (in some ways) ago.  I don't like this about myself and know it is true!  And I really don't like that she notices (but of course she does, kids notice everything).  So I asked her to pray for me for this, and I would pray as well and try to bring back the silly. I want more joy and giggles in my life to be sure, starting that day!
I was thankful that Grammy could join us for breakfast!
We found some cousin cows there as well.
We had a lot of mooing and cow jokes!
This year to avoid the stress of dots completely falling off I just made shirts to simplify the process.
Ezra decided to just eat his yogurt with his hands (I have no idea why), since he was just recovering we just went with it.
I hadn't necessary intended on us all going to breakfast, but when other plans fell through we just went for it.  The girls were so excited.  Take two....For lunch Lauren accompanied us.
Lauren is still perfecting her Moo face (and is a good sport for allowing me to post such fun pictures of her)!
The kids continue to love dressed up characters! 
Ice dream was in store for this occasion.
For dinner daddy joined us (yes, that's right it was a triple hitter kind of day - we did go to 3 different stores though).  However, due to a certain 2-year-old getting over sickness and the crankiness turned up 100 notches it was more of a eat and dash kind of dinner.
I only snapped one picture that night in all the craziness.  However, we are one cow satisfied family!  Here is to praying for more silliness for this momma!

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