Monday, December 22, 2014

We hit a 3/4 of a year in Ezra world!

This past month has been pretty busy in the skills advancement for my little man.  It melts me that Ezra now often says, "Momma," especially when looking for me to hold him.  Now this little word can get a bit tiresome once uttered from his sister's mouth for the 10,000 time each day, but now it's just such a sweet connection to my baby.
So Ezra has mastered the combat crawl and can do so super speedy now.  He has, also advanced in crawling and pulling up.  Sigh, too soon.  He has, also, started with a little cruising, so walking shouldn't be too far in the future.  Isn't it interesting how different children can be.  Zoe began walking at 10 months, but didn't start crawling till after and Shiloh did this crazy butt scoot to get around. Yet Ezra found his own way.
One afternoon, Daddy was in the living room and I come in to see that he was asleep on the couch and Ezra fell asleep mid playing.
While Danielle was watching him, Ezra enjoyed being fed by his one year old cousin!
We have had a little more bouts of sickness, which has caused some discomfort!
And a first little tooth on the bottom....which means Ezra likes to chew on everything!
But is still pretty happy overall!
Zoe thought it would be really funny to put her backpack on Ez, which he was a good sport for her.
Ezra looks so much more like a little boy to me now.  How I cherish you and am excited for getting to spend even more time with you in the near future!

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