Sunday, November 30, 2014

Notable Nuggets of November

Zoe's love for big stuffed animals continues...this time at her school math night at Publix.  ~Who knew this was a thing?
Sometimes I get intimidated to do certain things with my kids.  And with good reason, as if lack of sleep or sickness is anywhere in the picture we are in for a bumpy ride.  Other times my common sense is overridden and I think I just need try and make things work, maybe it won't be so bad after all. 
This was one of those times....Beach served coffee at a charity event at the Zone at the stadium.  He had really wanted it to be a family event, but to state it was a challenge is a bit of an understatement.  It is hard as we do not get much quality family we try to fit some in.
He has great visions of us working as a family while my reality often drags us down...but we did take some cute pictures. 
Which were encouraged by this poison.....the smallest thing there I could find  :-)
Their first cake pops.
So I must say the outing was a bit torturous for me...and I didn't think the girls liked it that much from their attitudes, until we got in the car and they were pleading to return the next day!
I do enjoy a good food swap....and this month was awesome.
I later made homemade pizza with the sauce, sprouted crust and organic ricotta cheese I got there!
Poppy helped Aunt D one day while I worked and took the kids to the mall.  They all loved getting out!

I've been wanting to do this for years! Saluda Shoals has a stroll the Monday before Thanksgiving every year but there has always been a reason we have not been able to go....until this year!
It was a special time and even aunt Lauren was able to come too!
Thankfully it was a warm night...which was a huge blessing as it sprinkled off and on (but the kids did not make a fuss of this....another huge blessing!)

Danielle captured this fun picture.
I was surprised about how long it was and we wore the kids out by the end!
We will make an effort to do this every year we are able!

Home Depot has these free building events that I have been wanting to see if Zoe would enjoy.  Beach had to work the Saturday that I signed up so Poppy had a date with her!
She was rather proud of herself and they both had a good time.
I stayed home with the sickie...who also wanted a picture.

Sunny decent weather?  Get me outside!

I went out to run some errands while my dad was over.  I came home to find Ezra had fallen asleep.
Such an interesting position!
It is (mostly) fun when we pull out the decorations...just harder with littles under the weather.
And a recap in pictures of  November from my youngest twos time with aunt D while I'm working.
She even took them over to her house one day (and Zoe to school) when I could not move due to the stomach bug....I will tell you what, I don't know what I would do without her!
And even a big field trip when Zoe was out of school and Lauren was in town too!

Danielle makes our house look pretty awesome!

And does fun art projects!
November, although you have been beautiful you have done a dozy on us and our immune system (OK well that is more due to stress) but how I hope that next year, at this time, we can enjoy you even more!

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