Monday, July 26, 2010


For a long time I didn't get blogs....why would anyone want to write for fun (perhaps this thought came from the fact that I HAD to write so much for school and work)? Who would want to read them anyways (again to much school). However, upon finding myself having to sit still for hours within a day everyday to nurse my newborn, I came across some of my friend's bogs. Through laughter, smiles, and tears I was then hooked and excited to read new entries.

I personally narrate things in my head often, as if someone could read them, and have for quite sometime. I even do this with my FB statuses (as silly as it sounds) and then never post them (for I already did so in my head). Then I thought due to my inability to remember much long term ( I have no idea what is wrong with me and I hate it!) I thought perhaps blogging was something that I needed to do to help me remember all that has gone on. I know that I'm not as funny, as good of a writer, or have that much of an exiting life that anyone would ever want to read my blog. But then I figured out that none of that matters, its for me, for me and my family. A way to leave and remember pieces of me. So, thus it began.

The name Zoe means life (more on the extended name later). So this blog is about Loving life and our journey along the way!


  1. Yay! So exciting!!! I will be your next follower!!

  2. Me too! I'm a fan already!!!