Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's the little things

Here I lay
So due to the lovely pain in my stomach, I was laying in my bed hoping the pain would soon fade. Beach had to run out to the store so Zoe played next to me and I just hoped she would be content in doing such. In order to keep her entertained I started naming the things on her face: eyes, ears, noise, mouth. In getting to her mouth, she of course began sucking my finger. To my surprise, I felt a sharp pain.....could it be....I mean she is 8 months already.....yes, yes it is, her first tooth coming in. In the next few moments my pain seemed to disappear, a smiled widened my face and joy filled my heart as I realized my little daughter had reached another milestone.

This was one I was not looking forward too, with still breast feeding and all. I have had several chump downs with her being teeth-less for me to be not to thrilled at the fact that her weapons could become even more advanced! Yet none of this seemed to matter as I watched her grin up at me. She was becoming older, her hands not so tiny, her personality developing. Yet until I start ovulating again, she will be my only baby.
I couldn't capture a picture of this cuteness as of yet, for when she smiles her lips still hide them. With in the week, another tooth popped up. At least I can take a picture of her enjoying her teething carrot (Doc recommended it!).

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