Monday, January 3, 2011

The New Years LBS!

I must say that I enjoyed last year's holiday eating much more than I ever have. How wonderful it was to be pregnant and get to eat with no guilt!! Well this year....since I'm not pregnant.....not so much of the freedom from guilt. So upon getting back home from the "almost no fruits and veggs"(or anything else healthy) visit with the in-laws, the scale stared me down. How I hate it and the fact that my clothes don't fit the way they should.

So New Years, new start right? Beach wants to shed a few pounds, too, and with a day that is supposed to get close to 70 I thought going for a run would be a great family activity. Got to try out the new (new to us) jogging stroller and to see how my body would take it, since I have yet to really run post baby. So I know Zoe was still wearing her PJs but we ran out of time!

Well....theses are some of the fun comments from the Lovelands on that lovely run:
"My fat hurts from jiggling so much."
"I'm really out of shape."
"I can't run down hills."
"I can't run up or down hills and not pee on myself."
"Now my fat hurts and itches."
"I almost remember what it was like to be in shape."
"I should follow you guys, as you brought me luck." (ok this was from the golfer that we were around as we decided to jog some on the golf course).
"I told you we should have turned back (as the rain began to pour and we were a good 25 jogging minutes from home)."
"Zoe likes the ran (as she kicked her legs at it repeatedly)."
"Now that my whole body is wet you can't tell that I need to do more kagels."
Over 45 minutes later of jogging (and some walking in between) we made it back home. In time for a quick clean up before we head to my parents for our belated Christmas celebration! Good thing I burned a couple of calories before another feast was to be had!

So my confidence in my body's ability to do such actions is not very high, and my knees hurt for days afterwords but we agree that we had a good time with our jog in the rain! Now if we can keep it going?????

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