Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Baby's first Christmas

Since we have been married, Beach and I have alternated spending Christmas with all my family in Florida or his in Michigan. This year, for Zoe's first, we were headed up North! Beach wanted to drive, much to my disdain. He felt that the flying with a baby was not a good idea (especially with how much stuff they need). So I tried not to pull my hair out during our journey but it was challenge as Zoe began crying right when we got on the interstate (that would be less than 10 minutes from our house). However, it was well worth it (although I'm not sure if I can ever do that again)!

We had to be prepared for the cold! Which Zo didn't seem to mind.
Zoe got to meet her new family.
Including her great grandmother.
Her great aunt & uncle (and children).
Her only cousins (for now :-)... Who she loved!
Girl Shot
Brother love
Late night games with Donald (who else enjoys such with wine and sardines?)
Beach's classic, "I love meat!"
Zoe's favorite activity (as of the last three months)
Love from my Grandpa!
Grandma cooking up the good stuff with her new apron!
Fun gifts and boxes!
She was a fan...
Until it was time for her nap...
Oh, yes, and more walking!
Her first Harley, that Grandpa refurbished and she is ready to roll. I love the look on her face in this...many fun captions could apply.
Later dude!

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