Saturday, January 15, 2011

Snow Days

Most people looked at their snowcation as a time to play and rest. Which would have been great had I: a)liked being cold b) had children old enough to be able to play in the snow and/or c) didn't have a lot of things to catch up on in the house. So when the biggest snowfall ever hit Columbia and I didn't have to do work for almost week (besides the one day in the middle of the week our boss mistakenly made us come to work and then to leave early because she would be "liable" if we fell) our purging on our house began. Now don't get me wrong I had a cringe on sadness in seeing everyone else's snow playing pictures and the cabin fever did hit at one point, with the tears to follow, but all in all it was great.

In moving so quickly from our old house last year (it was only up on the market for a little over a week), we had a lot of rush packing to do. Being very pregnant at the time, we ended up just packing pretty much everything instead of going through the things thoroughly and deciding if really wanted to keep everything. Well, we've been in our new house for several months but having a newborn and working did not lend to much free time. We have been slowly chipping away at it but this week a big chunk of the unpacking got taken down. Beach unpacked almost all of the basement boxes and we have been going through our clothes. Much of this needed to be done before our next exciting stage in life and it seems like it is a lot closer now. It's so freeing being able to release....more needs to be done though.

However, just to prove that I didn't not totally neglect giving my child a snow experience, I did allow her to see such in MI when we went up to visit last month. It seems to be on the ground all winter! She likes to point and touch everything with her little finger.
Her grandmother even provided her with a full on snow suit that was hilariously too big.
I mean funny is that!

She was fine siting in it until she touched it with her bear hand. Then it was another story.

Perhaps we should have taken a family picture before she felt how cold it was! :-)
Well, there you have it.... the next snow experience, I'm sure, will involve much more playing!

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