Sunday, February 27, 2011

February Day on the Lake

I love that I live here in the warm south. As we were eating breakfast on Saturday morning my mother-in-law called. She was not to thrilled, to say the least, of their latest snow fall, several inches (and the worst part of snow in MI, the sun seems to disappear all winter!). Needless to say she was shocked to hear of our plans for the day...
My mom was kind enough to watch Zoe for a few hours while we headed out with some friends to celebrate Joey's birthday. Lake Murray here we come. With a boat full of food and drinks and warm sun to guide the way, we were off. Despite the slight chill in the air we all had a great time. Even stopping at an island for a quick bathroom, exploring, picture break. How it made me even more excited for the summer and swimming time that is even closer! How I love our warm Carolina winter days! Perhaps next time we will rent the boat with a slide!
Birthday Boy Captain
Beach hands over the camera
Exploring an island
And luckily no snakes were to be found!

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