Thursday, March 3, 2011

Here we go again?

My emotions seemed even more unstable than normal, then there's the tiredness and, oh yes, my favorite, the nausea, all day. I hate being sick and the past couple of months have been not so fun with an ear infection, strep throat twice and the worst stomach virus (thanks to that last one I thought I had finally lost the last of the baby weight). So getting sick again....not happy about this. Yet it wasn't going away, and when I finished the last round of antibiotics that stated a side effect could cause nausea, I knew it had to be more.

You don't have to have known me long to know that I'm really thrifty, to put it nicely. I have paid for a couple of pregnancy test and when they turned out negative I get frustrated that I would waste money on such. With my body just now starting to regulate itself, I waited a few more days. And today was the day, again. But today had a different result.
I was so excited to find I was pregnant, again! I could hardly stand it until Beach could come home and I could tell him in person. I danced and ran around the house. My tired body was not allowed to take a nap as my mind and insides seemed to be going crazy. I didn't expect to get this excited, as it wasn't the first time, yet I am. My heart beats fast to even write this now. I plugged in the numbers in the computer and found a guesstament for my due date to be October 19th. I can't wait to go to the doctor to see what they say. Part of me loves the way things are right now and is scared of more responsibility and what this means for our household. Yet that small small part is completely overridden by the joy that fills my heart. Now that the parents know, we must consider how and when to share this news with others. Thank you Jesus for this precious blessing!

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