Monday, August 22, 2011

Rear View

This week hit another milestone for me (and Zo). I had to stop breast feeding completely, as I was into my second trimester and the Dr. said I needed to be able to have the nutrients for me and the new babe....and I pretty much waited to the last day (or maybe a few more). We were down to just our morning feedings and how I treasured the snuggle times when she just wanted me and we had yet to have to rush through the day. I know at 16 months, she was more than able to stop, and I would have thought it odd before becoming a mother myself to have gone this long, but there is something so precious and special about being able to nurse and give life to your child. I just tried to give her extra attention and love in other ways and she appeared fine with the transition.
So, heading to an event with my work downtown the next day, sitting in the quiet of the car, my mind finally was able to dwell on such. As my eyes filled I thought about how much I loved her, how this phase of our life was now over, how she was a "big girl" now and no longer a baby. As I looked in the rearview mirror, driving father away from her, I knew that I could not dwell of the times of the past as there was no going back (treasure=yes, dwell = no). She was not a baby, anymore, but it was time to prepare for the next one, and fully enjoy this new stage she is in.

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  1. So sweet!!! I love that you loved nursing her. I think I was about 4 months pregnant With Caedmon when Davis weaned, but he was like Zoe - just once a day or so. You are such a beautiful little mama!!! So happy for you all :)