Monday, June 18, 2012

Three has been so good to me (months that is)

I had to start back to work this month.  Boy does it take sooooo much just to get out the door, the extra milk, breast pump, change of clothes for the girls, diapers, bottles, food...the list just keeps going on!
At first it wasn't to bad....I eased into it for the first month....I can do this.  However, when I got a text from my sitter on the first day asking me if there was a trick to getting Shiloh to eat from a bottle, my heart started racing!  What!  She hadn't eaten all morning, it was almost noon.  My poor baby!  What if she wouldn't take a bottle at all? How fast could I get there?  Is she screaming now?  Am I even going to be able to work? I really did not think the bottle was going to be an issue, since had taken a bottle a couple of times in the past. 
My sitter did finally get her to take it, but that was a hard day (although I don't know if it was worse on her or me).  I freaked out even more the following week when, getting everything ready for work, I tried to get Shiloh to take a bottle.  It wasn't successful and I cried and had a melt down for sure.  Feeling like such a bad mom (again)!
Somebody learned how to make bubbles this month!  Let the drooling begin! 
Everyday Zoe asks to do "sizes" (exercises) and what she means is that she wants to watch me workout, play with my equipment and jump on me and under me when I'm in such fun positions such as downward dog.  It helps me to actually do it since it is something she actually likes (it also helps that it is not to long and has some breaks to it!).   I try to time it so that it is right after a feeding where Shiloh is always good at that time and does her own "sizes", as she is excited to be in her bouncy and kicks her legs like crazy!
Shiloh is such a great sleeper at night and it amazes me!  During the day she tends to fight it, at times, like it is the worst thing ever but that is getting better.  However, at night I can just put her down in her bassinet, awake or sleeping.  She may look around and make little noises for quiet sometime but then drifts off to sleep.  What a huge blessing to her momma for this!  Helps with the anxiety for sure!  
She has now, also, found a way to get out of her wrap.  Many mornings I find her with one or more limbs hanging out, that sweet crazy active girl of mine.  She is pretty determined but doesn't seem to mind it either!
If Shiloh is awake when we are out and about I'm always told that she is very alert. And she does always look that way with her bright eyes.  It's as if she wants to take everything in. Thanks to our friends, the Wells, who brought her this T all the way from Italy!
We made a trip to Greenville for mother's day, where we got to see Beach's family.  His uncle and aunt were up from the keys, a special occasion indeed!
Zoe enjoyed much dancing and Jan was a good sport in dancing along.  Zoe got pretty demanding with such towards the end.  What?  You can't actually sit down!
Shiloh got to meet more, new to her family members.  
Old school toys are the best.  Zoe found the blocks that Beach played with as a child.
I can't express how I love these girls!  They are so special to me and make me feel blessed to be called momma!
The ride home was actually nice, as the girls slept (Zoe has never gone a day without a nap and she never sleeps in the car)!  We came home and all piled in my bed for a long nap together (well nap for the parents and then we tucked the girls into bed), as I wanted some more snuggle time with my girls.
Shiloh is getting stronger!  Although she only likes Tummy Time very briefly, it is cute to capture.  
More trips to the zoo.  I love the look of wonder on a child!
Shiloh has moved on from her blow up duck to the big bath tub.  I enjoy these series of pictures, it is as if she is saying...
Oh I like this thing...this is going to be fun!
Wait!  What are you doing with that wash cloth and water!
Never mind!  This is awful!  Who's idea was this???
There are many times when I get very overwhelmed, anxious about the future and just so worn out.  However, when I kiss this sweet little face, which brings smiles and coos, it just seems to all fade away (at least for the moment).  I'm trying to be a lot more present with her, with life in general, in order to help us all!

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