Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let the fall festivities begin

So it has been awhile, life is busy.  And when I say busy I mean non-stop, somebody slow this train down so I can breath busy.  While the busy is important, it also is very hard.  Thus, yet another delayed post - this time about the month of October - in randome order because it's better then nothing. 

I've been feeling kinda down about myself, with the lack of time for self-care.  So I was really looking forward to a hair cut.
I get my hair cut less than once a year (I know - it just cost too much though!), and my hair dresser lead me to go ahead and chop 10 inches, so I could donate it again.  Might as well let someone get some use out of it.  Side note...he pointed out that I've been going to him for almost 20 years.  What???!!!  How did I get that old. 
At any rate I did feel a bit better to start of the fall season with a new doo. 
I love how much more Shiloh is able to interact now. This girl is so happy to be able to sit up by herself!  How she loves to look at that beautiful face. 
It is amazing living in such a beautiful place.  Sometimes I need to just stop and appreciate it more...trying to do so in all things.  Also, I really wish that a camera could capture what the human eye can see.  This was the huggest most amazingest (yes I just said that) sunset I had ever seen but my camera phone won't let you tell that.
Yep, fall means football and cheering on the Gamecoks.  A night with friends and this was the best pic we could get of them all together (and you can't even see Zoe back there).  
How I love this beautiful weather and playing with the girls outside!
(Zoe hates getting her picture taken right now and tries to make sure I can tell in every photo - that's my little charmer.)
We enjoyed the last movie day at the park for the year.
A swap is always in order....this time with the yummy addition of pumpkin bread!
And I came home with a loot myself....I mean I love this idea!
Since Shiloh is big enough to sit up now, the girls get the car grocery cart.  Yes, now I get to drive around this bus, trying not to hit anything, as if a screaming babe didn't bring me enough attention.  Later on during our first trip like this, Zoe bit Shiloh's hand (Shiloh did put it in her mouth) and she burst out crying.  When I picked up Shi to comfort her, Zoe started screaming that I had moved her.  Sigh...somehow Beach had managed not to be around at this moment and I wanted to cry and scream too.  
This is often the view I have at night before I pull Shi in her room. 
Guess who got sent their own first card.  Thanks Grandpa and are the best at these!
We get beautiful sunsets on our front porch and Zo enjoys pointing  them out.  
She liks to just sit and watch them. 
How cool is this pumpkin our friend made is the year of LOVELAND COFFEE for sure!
We had our own hand at carving a pumpkin this year!
Zo's favorite story right now...
It turned out pretty good for our first try...and Shi was a good sport to watch. 
But she did get a bit tired just we striped her down and let her get into some of the action.  I mean, really, I could eat her up!
This is an out take pic...I think it is so funny!  The pumpkin was so big that I had no idea it would be an issue to fit my huge 7 month in it!

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