Friday, November 30, 2012

November Happenings

Some snap shots from another month gone by.  These little things get me a lot of attention while we are out and about....Can capture a stranger with their smile so quickly!
We visited a random farm in hopes of a hey ride...not so much but led to a funny story.
More swapping to be done...except this time it included craft items, too!  Got a little Christmas shopping done!
Modeling a piece from the first swap!
Mommy out and about meant Daddy daughter dinner...with extra cheese!
Look who's loving the baby food!
My little mini me (Zo) with her controlling spirit likes to tell me where to go after I put her down to bed.    When I leave she shouts out the command of where she thinks I should go next (Ex: "Go in mommy's room!").  One night, when Beach tucked her in, she told him to "Go in the wiving room and sleep on the couch!"  I have no idea where this comes from, other than she loves to tell others what to do.  These little two better watch out!
8 and 9 months!
My little helper really enjoyed helping me make power balls....she was steady on licking the bowl for about 10 minutes!
I know....more pictures of Shiloh sleeping....I just can't get enough of that sweet face!  The most time we spend together seems to be while she is sleeping...I just really try to soak it up!
Sister Lauren was here and went with us on a beautiful day to the zoo.  
It was a treat for all of us!
Shiloh ended up stealing Lauren's hat and wearing it most of the was funny, so I kept it there.
I love her!
and theses series of pictures (I may or may not have acted like the paparazzi).
I like this picture, as it reminds me of the moment.  How life usually is.  Zoe being crazy, which at this time meant that she was not wanting to get her picture taken (not even for a bribe). Shiloh just hanging out and me looking a bit frazzled, mommy-like and odd.  
Shiloh really was a good I don't know what I would do without my beco!
I'm not such a fan though, of when I smile and show every one of my teeth and gums!  But sis and Shi are cute so I will suck up the embarrassment in this picture!
We got to spend some time with Beach's extended family for Thanksgiving. 
They are so warm to invite us into their family!  But I never seem to remember to take many pics.
Daddy's "GG" was there (great grandma), and Zoe was full of faces for the occasion.
 There is just something special about great grandmas.
And then later that day we hosted my family at our house....
Sister made an awesome dish and Beach, got some fun coffee treats!
Zoe enjoys not sitting in a high chair now...even got to eat from the china this year!  The "jelly" was her favorite by far - homemade cranberry sauce with wild orange essential was awesome if I do say so myself!
A full (in many ways) day...can I please just say again how I love living with an amazing barista!
I nice fall day led to a long walk downtown with friends. 
Did you even know Columbia had a Sally the Salamander find?  What?  I know it was fun and worth the adventure.
Zoe found her spot...they just dont' spell it the true Greek way.
 We had some fun rides....Zoe is almost big enough to ride her Harley. 
 Shiloh gives us a challenge in finding ways to get things done with another baby who loves to be held. 
I love SC weather, which throws in 70 degree temp days throughout the fall and winter.  We try to take advantage of them!
Our fall has been magnificent we celebrated by creating a pininterest canvas.  My little who doesn't care to get dirty did not mind this in the beginning and it turned out well.  I love creating with them and NEED to do more of it!

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  1. This is beautiful Jessica--thanks for pasting and especially the pics of your special daughters! Looking forward to seeing & interacting with them again. Love to all of you. GG