Monday, December 31, 2012

Tis the season!

I felt like "Tis the season to get sick!"  What a downer it has been struggling with this flu for almost a month, as we all seemed to get it a week apart.  There is something so heartbreaking as holding your little ones with fevers of almost 104 for days. We missed almost all of the holiday parties, actives and Christmas things I wanted to do with Zoe now that she can understand what is going on a bit more. Much of the month was just snuggling the littles.
 It also set us back awhile in opening the close yet so far, and the bills kept coming. was a struggle with it being Christmas time, knowing that we really didn't have any money for gifts or giving to others.  It's an uncomfortable place...a humbling place....a place of growth. 
 But what a joy now that the kiosk is open!!!  We had no energy left to do a grand opening (not to mention funds) but just so thankful that it is running now!
 Zoe loves to go visit and get her own coffee (don't worry it is just steamed milk) - which she usually has us refill several times!
Shi, also, likes to represent the Loveland Coffee.
These are the happy faces of those that got to sneak out on a date night to celebrate our opening (and to use a gift card before it expired).
 If I did mention that we had the flu to anyone they would usually mention something about the flu shot and how they needed it or were glad that they got it.  I have to say that I'm glad that we didn't get it, even with getting the flu and how hard it was, I'm glad that we all now have natural immunity to it for life and didn't have to put any nasty chemicals in our body.  I try to talk to others about it, sometimes when I get up the nerve, but most look at me like I'm crazy.  How brainwashed our country has become and I wish others would do some serious research on this themselves.
Zoe is still constantly asking me if I am happy.  Oh, Zo.
My little controlling 2 year old likes to boss me around after I put her to bed.  She always wants to tell me what room I am to go in after leaving her, "Go in mommy's room."  Recently she told Beach, "Go in the wiving room and sleep on the couch!"  I have no idea why, he has never slept there better than what she said the other night, "Go in the dog's room to sleep!"
We did make it to a couple of pre-Christmas events!  One at our small group.
And another at a night out to have dinner and see the lights at the zoo!
This was the girls first night out together for dinner as a family and they did really well!  Thankful to have some old groupons to use!
Another sweet package came from my grandmother with a children's Bible and a cat, named "Happy". My grandmother named her such after hearing the story of how Zo asks about me being happy all the time. (Don't mind her still sick face.)
One of the fun things about owning your own business is you get many packages.  One day when daddy was at work we got to play!
He doesn't appreciate the mess this can cause (I have no idea why  :-)  Zoe was nice to wait her turn. 


  1. and I have to say...
    Monsooned Malibar is the best coffee ever!
    it's not a MUST in our household.
    Hope no one else gets sick in this season!!
    Yall's girls are so sweet!
    and maybe it's time for another date night ;)

    1. **it IS a must. my husband is spoiled now.**
      he only wants Beach's coffee.
      I'm more than fine with that.

  2. That is good to hear! I know I am spoiled too! It wasn't fair to the world to keep this goodness in just our home for all these years! I've enjoyed reading both you and your husbands blogs!