Saturday, August 31, 2013

Long August days and nausea nights

August meant a lot more fighting of morning (and night) sickness and much fatigue. The little energy I did have seemed to go to work.  I spent a lot of time on the couch and in bed.  Which means doing random things to keep the littles entertained. 
My momma guilt kicked into high gear, as I know there were so many things that I should be doing that I just wasn't/couldn't do.  Even seeing all the back to school pictures of my friend's children had me second guessing myself.  Should I be sending my crazy three year old?  A year or two ago, the thought of sending my impressionable Zoe anywhere, especially public school frightened me to death.  (For the record I grew up in public school.)  Yet here I was lying down again, wondering if I was doing the right thing.  She certainly wasn't learning much from me now. 
I am blessed that they are good sports and seem to easily keep themselves entertained...they just like to be around their momma!
Zoe's hair is still the most interesting thing I have ever seen.  She has my face, Beach's body, but this hair?  Curly and cute at times and looking like the end of a piece of huge Velcro other times. It is slowly coming in (did I say SLOWLY).  She does like when I play with it in the bath and make it stick up.
For the art group I lead at work once a week, we had a guest speaker come in and show us how to decorate cakes.  The client's wanted me to participate, so I did!  Zoe was excited when I brought mine home and it had a big Z for her. Yes, it is a boring white color, as I did not want to use the toxic food colorings.
On the coffee front, Beach got the coffee concentrate into his first vendor.  A small market across town!  Watch out Columbia we are slowly taking over.
Beach's great aunt and uncle in Greenville celebrated their 60th anniversary and we made the trip to celebrate.  Zoe had a playmate (third or forth cousins or something like that).
A yummy dinner followed by a special treat on a small candy bar.  They were shocked that this was Zoe's first.
It was, also, a time to see Beach's grandmother, who was moving back to Michigan.  It's hard not knowing when (or if) you will see loved ones again. 
Beach's parents were down to help with the move. So we briefly got to see Beach's dad at the party.
Beach managed to get a good family shot using his timer.
In that the girls did not get a nap that day, the ride home was rather peaceful and quiet (which never happens).
Donna got a break from the Greenville moving and spent a few days with us. 
She always comes bearing presents (her love language).
We took the girls to a park one afternoon.
Shiloh enjoyed some self-portraits.

As much time as we spend there, I do not take many pictures at the chiropractor's office. 
And I'm luckily if my mom is there to help me out!
Per Donna's request we made Zucchini noodle spaghetti.  We had it last time she was here for a visit and she enjoyed it.  Zoe's not a fan of it cooked zucchini, but loves it this way.
Grandma offered to clean up (she did that often on our visit) while we had some time with the girls.
We all got to paint - before Shi knocked over all the water.
Sometimes they like to eat frozen peas and spill them all over the house.
Another day we took them to the library.  Shiloh still does not sit still, so I mostly just follow her around.  Not so fun unless we are going to a children's program.
Movie night with popcorn is always a hit for all.
Grandma liked our popcorn too!
Grandma's other love language (if it existed) is baking.  She whipped up many treats and the girls got in on the action one time.
We enjoy the spoils of her labor.
Yahhhh for Saturdays and Beach being home with us now!  Thankful he has hired a part time worker, so we are blessed to be able to do things with him again!  He enjoys cooking, like his momma, and make waffles for us.
There were a couple of events downtown that we headed off for...
with some free activities for the children.
And a fruit Popsicle at the farmers market.
Zoe just has to dance when she hears live music (or most music).
I love how Zoe seems to understand more and more each day.  She is so inquisitive!  Often checking the time to see if it is "on the four" (time for a nap).
So in that we are getting some nicer temperatures, it calls for more outdoor time.  This day, after many hard sickness days, I was very proud of myself for being able to clean the house and still make it outside to enjoy the day with them.
I mean that face!  I'm not sure who enjoys it more!
Beach asked for me to give him a haircut and since I used to groom my dog all the time I very well qualified  ;-)
We buzzed a few inches and I think he is happy with the results. 
Thank you August for being behind me....ready for this baby to be getting a bit better and for the energy to return. 

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  1. HAHAHAHA I loved the dog comment and those pictures!!!