Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The rest of July recap

The rest of July was full of kisses from this little thing!
Some outings will daddy.
Hopes of movie nigh at the park...
with popcorn...
but when it didn't work we did a lot of running around instead.

Pool time at a friend's birthday.
Complete with this busy little.
Good thing daddy was there to help!
But the most fun thing there?
The faucet to wash your feet!
Maybe a Loveland Coffee run or two  :-)
I came home one night to see Beach and Shiloh passed out together.  I'm not sure why she won't go to bed this early (or this way) with me!
We hardly eat fast food but free Chick-fil-a day called for a special occasion. 
Zoe quite enjoyed dressing up and even taking her picture!
It feels a little less silly when you have kids to bring along with you.
It was super crowded (imagine that), so I was glad that Beach was not there to freak out (he hates large crowds) and my mom helped in the craziness.  I was actually blessed to have Shiloh fall asleep on my shoulder the whole time we waited in line and ordered.  An amazing feet indeed or else she would have wanted to take down the crowds.
Shameful we did go again for dinner - this time with our man cow.
A late one, provided a little more breathing space.
Yes, more monthly sleeping pictures of Shiloh. 
I just could eat her up!
What, what....Beach and I got a date night.  I scored a secret shop at an establishment downtown.
Nothing like getting paid for a great meal.  Salmon and goat cheese anyone?
My blessing of a chef and his princess sous-chef.
Shiloh's favorite activity right now?  You know the all powerful thing that will even get her to stop nursing?  Brushing her teeth.  Zoe enjoys it too! 
I will call out, "Time to brush your...." and Shi yells, "Teeth"  I love it!
And I love them!

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