Friday, July 5, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

We spent the day with my family in celebration of another holiday.  When we would talk about it being America's birthday, Zoe kept asking when she was coming.  She just could not understand who this America was and why she wasn't there if we were celebrating her.  It didn't seem to matter how hard I tried to explain it, her 3-year-old precious mind could not wrap around it!
We started the day off at another attempt of blueberry picking (and eating).
Since this happened, not to long after we got there (aka Shiloh demanding to held and not giving in until she gets her way), the girls and I ended up playing on the playground set they thankfully had there.
We were excited that Daddy could come, too!
He decided to close the kiosk for the day and it was a blessing having him with us!  And lets be honest, his long arms were able to capture most of our loot!
Homemade blueberry Popsicles to finish out the outing was a nice touch!
Shiloh took advantage of her seat!
After naps and resting it was on to the night time shenanigans.
And matching cousin dresses, complements of my mom again!
And complete with sparklers.
 Since the girls still are pretty young we decided to keep it low key and pass on the big firework shows...maybe next year! 
 Happy 4th from these crazy, blond, fun loving girls!

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