Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Happenings!

In the heat of the summer, I must say we don't do a whole lot outdoors, as it is so hot (and hard to do water play with just the girls and myself)!  With Beach gone often, I try to encourage some time with our girls when he can!
He loves them so much and they him.  I want them both to have special memories of this time in their lives.  
My dad had to work a lot when I was growing up, and that was hard on me.  I want to nurture their relationship, as much as I can, to help buffer how we miss him on Saturdays!  I know things won't always be this way!
Zoe's idea to sit in this chair with Shi to take a picture....and very smiley about it - very unlike her!
The only place that tends not to be crazy to take them both shopping is to Publix, for this very reason.
They love the "driver one" as Zoe calls it. It's a bad day when there aren't any available.
Pretty sure it has rained almost everyday!
Shiloh discovered this hat that my grandmother made for Zoe last year and was happy to model it around.
We miss daddy on Saturday mornings but I do often try to take them out to do something. 
Zoe likes to still do things that Shiloh does (like the baby swings) but Shiloh has taken things up a notch.  
Shiloh now climbs up big slides and ramps (and can beat her sister sometimes doing so).
She is one athletic little sweetheart!
We have been blessed to have our babysitter in our home the past year.  Such a help to this momma and a comfort to know that they are safe and cared for. 
The girls helped me make a goodbye card for her!
We finally got this puppy out of the garage.  I bought it over a year ago at Tot Trade and now that Shiloh is bigger, thought we could try it out!
We were able to make it to a local park.  Daddy had the hard work pulling it up all the hills in our neighborhood.  We all had a great time!
We went with our friends out on a boat.  
Everyone made the "Zoe face" (hold hands awkwardly when you have something on them). 
We island it for some water play.
Then it started to rain and when I say rain I mean pour and pelt on our faces!
The mommas and babes hid under towels.  I laughed a lot and Zoe ate cantaloupe from the bowl.  A memorable time for sure!
Shiloh is such a love bug.  Always coming for kisses, hugs and snuggles. 
Finally made it to another swap, thanks to being more prepared.  Little disappointed as there were not as many people there, but always love coming home with some goodies!
Despite the scary picture, these girls are very loving towards one another!  They are always giving each  other hugs and kisses!  So sweet to see their affection grow and how they play with one another!
On father's day, Zoe and daddy went on a date.
They both had a good time and I tried to remind myself that Zoe doesn't get such special treats often!
So Beach made it really easy for me for father's day.  What he wanted?  To spend hours making a homemade sauce and ribs.  Well sure honey, go right ahead.
I do love how he enjoys making things so much.  And is so good at them.  He is the best father to our little girls and I couldn't be more thankful!
My dad loved the new watch we got him for father's day (he is always breaking his).
At least twice a week we are at our Maximized Living office for our chiropractic care.  They, also, lead amazing workshops once a month and I actually got to attend one again.  Always so informative.  Being here has changed how we are raising our family and we are so blessed for it!
And they have boy toys...which the girls seemed to enjoy the variety! 
When my sister was out of town one weekend, my mom and I took all the girls to the park.
I love that they get to grow up together!
I even got a hot date with my man this month.  So much so that he fogged up my camera!
We got an ice cream maker so we could make some quality treats.  I would say Zoe approves!
I can't get enough of their smiles!
Yep, this one is still taking over our bed.  Sigh! (Well maybe half sigh and half smile.)
Yahhhhh!  It's finally blueberry season!  Shi's favorite food (and one of mine, too).  Since they are pricey, I was really looking forward to loading up on them by picking them ourselves.  I have never picked blueberries so I did not know what to expect.  However, Beach has, and in the past come home with a 20 lb load, so my hopes were high! 
But the blueberries were sparse and not many to be had.  We ate as much as we collected I do believe.
We will have to try again when more are ready!
That day we, also, made a large batch of frozen dinners. These white elephant onion glasses came in pretty handy.
I have a little helper that likes to try everything.  And even liked the vanilla.
Another coffee catering wedding, but this one was out of town.  Way out of town...enough to decided that it was not worth doing that anymore!  But it was nice to have some kid free time with my man.
Shiloh is a mess and into everything.  I have to make sure to keep the bathroom doors closed or this is sure to happen!  Zoe kindly told me that she helped me and just put on a fresh roll.
Perhaps some budding musicians?  It does run in the family!
How can summer be halfway over!!!

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