Friday, June 21, 2013

Loveland Coffee's Grand opening

So, yes, Loveland Coffee had been open for a few months, but we had not done a grand opening yet (partly because we have been so busy and partly because it slipped our minds).  However, once we joined the Irmo chamber, we decided that we needed to do one!
My mom made these adorable dresses for the girls (which they truly love)!
We had many people come out and support us.
Enjoying some complementary ice coffee and double shot espresso cookies!
What I hadn't thought through was how hot it would be on a June night (the hottest one yet this summer), that didn't help with the asphalt (hence us serving ice coffee and bottled cokes).
These cuties spent their young years together and were reunited for a bit.
We were blessed to have my brother-in-law and his band play some amazing entertainment for us all!  (And my sister who captured all the pictures - they are a talented pair!)
We had an official ribbon cutting ceremony, complete with many of the chamber members, including the mayor.
It's a official!
I enjoyed having the girls there at the "Kiosk Party", as Zoe called it.  I was also very thankful to have many helpers, so they could be there. Zoe snuck as many cookies as she could!
My heart is so full of thanks: for a great turnout (despite the heat) from so many of our friends and supporters, that the Lord has brought us to this point in our journey, and excited for what things he has planned in the future!

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