Friday, May 31, 2013

May....I never forget these times!

Yet another month come and gone....some of the happenings....
Irmo started a local farmer's market. 
Where a new friend and soft grass was a hit.  This was really nice since I just want to be outside and with Shiloh still just scooting around (and wanting to be on the ground) it provides to be a challenge. 
We loved the mother's day tea and painting pottery from last year that we did it again!
Instead of making another tea set, we decided to design and paint a platter together. 
In that none of us are fast painters, it got a little crazy at the end...
but it turned out great!
When we take walks now, Zoe enjoys walking more than riding in her stroller and can walk a good way.  Here she is in her crazy outfit of choice. 
With a chef friend, Beach created an awesome base for the frappes   This thing is amazing....a good way to practice my self-control. 
For mother's day we had a picnic in the park.  
Complete with a lot of smiles and love.
And Shiloh began strutting herself and walking with some help!
Being a mom is the hardest - best thing I could ever ask for!  
My mom invited us to go strawberry picking with her, and on a beautiful May morning it was perfect.
I haven't been since I was a child and it was a lot of fun.  Mom taught Zoe the best technique.   
I attempted to have Shi in the carrier but it looked way to fun to her to be so confined!
Since she can't really walk well yet, she mostly sat and scooted in the dirt. 
But don't worry....she got her fair share of the goods and rocked her strawberry goatee.
Half of our loot...pretty good considering we had our hands full!
I'm pretty sure that was the dirtiest these girls have ever been....and they loved it!
I watched Adalyn one day while Danielle worked.  
We had a lot of fun, as she is such an easy baby!  I'm pretty sure she never even made a fussy sound. 
Zoe has been wanting to sit in the high chair again lately.  This day she, also, thought it would be really fun to eat her yogurt with her hands....silly girl!
So Beach won these tickets on the radio to a George Benson concert.  Yep, I'm pretty sure I did not know who he was but did recognize one of the songs.
It was a night that included drinks and many food tastings.
And floor seats.
And a hot date!
The tickets were 150 a an awesome prize to win for sure! 
Here's to these whites night at the Black Expo (and them making Beach pose with his drink that way :-)
Another night we did a pizza picnic in our living room.
The kids aren't big pizza fans...not sure what is wrong with them!  But we had fun!
Ms. Thing loves to climb...and do all things Zoe.
Beach's parents sent the girls Beach's old tapes from when Beach was a boy.  We had a time finding a tape player that worked but Zoe (and Beach ;-) were thrilled!
Play dates are fun for both the girls and me!  I somehow need to squeeze in more of them!
Shiloh has really become an entertainer!  She is so expressive and loves making faces to try to bring a smile to other's faces.  So fun to see her personality come out in this way! 
Personality Plus lots of cheese!
Bubbles are always a blast...especially watching two and three year olds trying to make them.
Zoe loves Sophia and I hope their relationship continues to grow.  Thankful that her mom, Rene, was able to capture this sweet moment on her camera!
Of course I had to get some sleeping Shi shoots.  
I have mixed feelings about her still being in our bed.  It does make many things so much harder.
But I love her and her sweet face so much that it seems to melt away those frustrations. 
Although she still does not have many words, she talks as if she does.  She is great at communicating what she needs and I'm thankful that she can sign many of those needs.  One of the cute things she does now is bark for dogs and birds!
The biggest thing to happen in our coffee world is this beast!  Beach worked so hard in getting the bottle just right (we have had the product), and he did an awesome job!  Just in time for the hot months coming up, I think this will really help our coffee sales.  It also taste amazing and is something I greatly enjoy everyday!
I try to keep our upstairs pretty clean, but this room.... impossible.  Our dinning room has become our quick dump area for all things business.  I'm thankful that we at least have a spot we can put things!  
So we end up eating here as a family.  Beach (with his 6'3 frame says he does not mind) is such a great dad!

Summer time means zoo night for members and free carousel rides. 
Zoe enjoyed herself this year and we rode several times! 
And the joyful days go round and round.

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